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About Café English

At Cafe English, the conversational English language studio, we provide everything our students need to gain real, practical knowledge, including:

  • Classes with native-speaking teachers from the United States, England, and other native-tongue countries
  • Conversational, real-world curriculum with a minimal grammatical explanation
  • Visual, practical and functional lessons
  • Improvement in multi-accent listening in addition to speaking, developing their understanding through video/audio materials
  • Elimination of that unpleasant feeling of speaking English as an unknown, foreign language

All in the relaxed atmosphere of homey, coffeehouse-style classrooms!
Students have the option to learn individually as a private student, or in a small groups where the maximum size consists of 5 students.
For the majority of the time, our classes enable students to spend time speaking. Students do the talking, guided by teachers! We cover a number of interesting topics to generate free-flowing conversation.
Making presentations, bringing their favorite photos to discuss, reading short stories and doing colorful reviews; sharing their latest personal adventure, watching a news story and sharing their opinion, watching an exciting TED presentation to summarize for their classmates.

Speaking Naturally

The only place in Budapest, revolution in English language education.
Are you looking for an interesting, engaging and unconventional way to teach English?

What we provide for our students:

  • Speech becomes more confident and freer of embarrassing mistakes
  • Students will find it easier to meet people and have smooth, laid-back conversations

As for students’ career:

  • they can more easily apply for better, language-demanding jobs
  • they can move up to higher positions
  • they can gain recognition in their current workplace



Group classes

We specialize in Group Lessons, and we know how to get our students to excel through personalized attention, patience, lots of practice, and hard work. We make learning fun through a variety of engaging and out-of-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but great teaching is more of an art that only a few can master.
Our students visit our classes once or twice a week taking a 90 minute session at a time.

  • Homework: It is highly important for the students, as well as for us, to get prepared for the classes with interesting presentations, book reviews and much more… This way our classes are truly exciting and engaging.
  • Group size: 3 – 5 students
  • Average age of students: 25 – 45

One-on-One classes

Students can take advantage of our professional native-speaking experience, focusing on the right accent and naturally speaking in our One-on-One Lessons.

  • These classes are usually
    45 or 60 minutes long
  • Average age of students:
    25 – 45

About Budapest

Experience Hungarian life and culture, take in the historic buildings and fascinating architecture, and enjoy the world famous night-life!

The Guardian, Lonely Planet, and the New York Times all rave about Budapest as a top travel destination. CNN names it outright as the 2nd best city in the world and the best city in Europe, with InterNations ranking Hungary as the 11th best country in the world to live for expats.

Budapest is a fantastic place to be. Don’t take other people’s word for it. Find out for yourself. From the city’s unique “ruin pubs“, the Europe-leading “Sziget” music festival, or the world class A38 boat/concert venue Budapest is where it’s happening.

Hungary’s location in the heart of Central Europe makes it a great base for travel in the region. Bordered by seven countries with diverse and colorful languages and cultures all within a 2-3 hour train ride, you couldn’t find a better gate to travel in Europe.

Teaching English in Hungary means the chance to stay abroad while being close to home. Just the right balance of novelty and adventure, yet comfortable and easy to navigate, all in the heart of Europe!

Our teachers love living in Budapest. They find it to be a manageable city offering everything you could want within easy reach, all with the help of an accessible, world class public transport system.

Think You’d Be a Good Fit? Find out more…

Easy to start!

We provide an 8-session training program within 2 weeks. Once completed, you are ready to begin earning. Training contains some technical information and methodology, theory and class visits as well.
..and Yes! The tuition schedule can be flexible – on your choice. You can take only a few classes that best suit your weekly schedule, or you can have 30 hours a week, as a full-time job. We are super flexible.

Eligible Candidates

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum Teaching Experience: 1 year (including tutoring, coaching or mentoring)
Good if you are: ESL Instructor, Vocational/Technical Instructor

Are Only Native Teachers Eligible?

Yes. We accept teachers from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand or those who have lived for many years in one of the above-mentioned countries and have no non-traditional accent.


We require a minimum 6-month commitment. We can’t take temporary teachers. The longer term you plan to stay with us, the better chance you have of winning the position.

Teaching hours

We are increasingly shifting our teaching times to the late afternoon/evening classes in order to better accommodate students’ schedules, which are typically subject to work and/or university studies.
Our peak times are therefore 5pm - 6:30pm and 7pm - 8:30pm, as well as the option for weekends all day.
We do our best to accommodate your schedule when assigning classes.

Professional support and development

• Comprehensive induction to get you off to a smooth start
• Regular meetings to update teachers on what is happening at the school, compare notes and to gather teacher feedback on important issues
• Quality lesson plan templates, making preparation easier and reducing uncertainty and guesswork
• Pleasant, well-equipped classrooms to let you get the most out of your lessons


You are required to create your own lesson plans. We provide you with an extensive resource package to make this process as efficient as possible (this includes a lesson plan template and access to a large database of videos, books, games and more).
Once you complete your training and have a routine in class preparation, the preparation time can be reduced to approx. 15- 30 minutes per class.


Teachers working on a freelance (hourly) basis must be able to provide the Café English with an invoice for any hours taught.
If your freelance teaching application with us has been successful but you are not currently able to provide an invoice, let us know. We can help you with information and assistance to get this set up.

"Cafe English is a school thatstands out among the rest when it comes to engaging students in learning. Itdoes this because – simply – the method we use is engaging –it’s exciting, it’s real-world, it’s interactive, and it’s stimulating. I’ve alwaysenjoyed my classes as much as my students, and seeing the growth that we enableteaching this way is truly rewarding. The students want to be here, and theteachers want to be here. That makes for a great work environment as well as alearning one.”

Matt Renta


“Working at Café English gave me the opportunity toteach modern-style, organic and unconventional English lessons that really gaveme the freedom to explore my own creativity. Leading the small groups of mystudents was truly a fun, exciting experience that was never the same lessonafter lesson – never dull! I think, in large part, this is because I was alwaysencouraged to keep things fresh and exciting with them, so, really, I was giventhe chance to create my own working environment and give more genuine lessonsthan you might expect from your average language school.”

Zoie Hansen


“I think I got some of my best teaching experiencefrom Café English, and the method we used at the school is something I think istruly special. It was a natural, practical, dynamic and fun kind of teachingthat really grabbed my students’ attention and even kept me, the teacher,equally engaged! I think there’s something special here at Café English, so Ican’t recommend it enough.”

Ashley Smith


Application Process


Fill out the application form below.


Your application will be processed within 48 hours.


After reviewing your application you will be asked to participate in a Skype interview.


We will organise a personal meeting within one week of your interview.


You will be notified about our decision within 48 hours.


You will begin training within the following week.

What is the training like?

We have two parts for the training. The 1st part focuses on technical matters, such as:

  • where and how you can pick up the office key
  • how to turn on laptops
  • what passwords do we have
  • wifi code
  • how to log your hours
  • what software applications we use
  • how to keep track of students’ development
  • mail system
  • collaboration with students and teachers
  • Turn on/off A/C
  • how to use our coffee machine

The 2nd part is about methodology which is:

  • 2-3 time theory one-to-one with the founder
  • you’ll be ‘observer’, meaning you have to sit in some classes at different levels.
  • you’ll become co-teacher
  • if all goes well, you’ll get your classes.
  • Total training time is about 20 hours.

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